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Our Mission

As a Home Remodeling company, we will always make recommendations that are in line with the overall goals and vision of your project. Our team will work with the highest standard of honesty and integrity and will strive to deliver the same ethical standards we would expect for ourselves and our families. We will provide a quality of workmanship and solutions for your home that will serve your family for years to come. Through this, we build trusting relationships and become an ongoing resource.

— Brycen Erbe, Owner

No matter the scope or size of your remodeling project, there are going to be many decisions you need to make. The first, and perhaps the most important decision, is the person you choose to manage your budget, your timeframe, your choices and the safety of your home. Your family needs to work with someone who understands your vision and respects the goals you have in mind.

When you choose to interview JCC Home Remodeling, you will be provided with a free and no obligation consultation to discuss the vision of your project. Subsequent to that meeting, you will be given a proposal based on the vision you’ve described. Once you decide to partner with JCC Home Remodeling, we will collaborate to determine the overall plan for the project, including the schedule. Any design and layout can be accommodated based on the diverse talents and experience of our team. You will be guided through all of the choices you need to make and will be given timely updates at an agreed upon frequency, whether that is daily or weekly, until the job is complete.

In the end, your satisfaction is the measurement we use to determine the success of each project. Our goal is to be a resource for you now and in the future. So we invite you to share any additional expectations that would promote the best possible working relationship with you and your family.